Warming up with The Smith’s Spiced Chai Hot Toddy

What better way to warm up in this cold weather than our new Spiced Chai Hot Toddy cocktail, now available at The Smith. Our spin on the classic hot toddy incorporates chai spiced Yerba Mate and Italian amaro with hints of cinnamon and pomegranate, garnished with a clove spiked lemon. Read the rest of this entry »

Agave Lemonade Recipe

Need a refreshing drink to enjoy this 4th of July? Now you can try our housemade Agave Lemonade at home. Check out our recipe below!

makes 1 pitcher

  • ¾ cup agave sweetener
  • 30 fresh mint leaves
  • 5¼ cups water
  • 16 lemons

Juice 14 lemons, strain and put juice aside. Wash remaining two lemons and cut into wedges. In a large pitcher, combine lemon juice, water, agave nectar, mint and lemon wedges and stir until completely combined. Pour lemonade in glasses over ice. Enjoy!

Video: The Smith East Village on Destination Eats

Did you know: We make refreshing housemade sodas?

Check out our Strawberry Rhubarb or Agave Lemonade with fresh mint. Delicious, refreshing and free of alcohol.

Mothers Day Brunch Recipe: Vanilla Bean French Toast

Looking to wow your mother with a homemade brunch on Mothers Day? Check out our Chef/Owner Glenn Harris’ delicious  Vanilla Bean French Toast Recipe featured on FoxNews.com. Enjoy it at home or stop by any of our locations to savor one of our most popular brunch dishes!


Spring Cocktail Recipe: Smokey & the Bandit

Spring is officially here and with the warm weather, sunshine (and sometimes showers) comes fresh new cocktails at all of our locations. Below you’ll find a recipe for our bright new cocktail, Smokey & The Bandit where we combine smoked and spiced botanical flavors with the seasonal sweetness of fresh muddled rasberries.



  • 1.25 oz Small’s Gin
  • .25oz. Sombra Mezcal
  • .5oz lime juice Bar
  • Spoon agave 5 raspberries
  • Dash tamarind-cacao bitters
  • Ginger Ale
  • Garnish: Skewered raspberry & lime wheel

To Make:
Muddle raspberries with agave in a glass cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients, ice and shake. After shake, pour a liberal shot of ginger ale and strain into a double old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and raspberry.


Did you know: The Smith Midtown

Did you know The Smith Midtown uses 4,000 lbs of potatoes each week to make our homemade french fries?

Meet the Team: Josh Bidwell, General Manager The Smith East Village

We’re excited to start this new series of blog posts! It’s a great way to meet our team and learn a bit more about our fantastic leaders who work in the restaurants. Below is a brief interview with Josh Bidwell, our General Manager at The Smith East Village. Enjoy!

How long have you worked at The Smith? When did you become General Manager?   I’ve been with the company for 7 ½ years. I started as a server at Jane in 2006, bartended for a bit and then started doing opening manager shifts on Saturdays for brunch. My GM at the time was a tough cookie but she really liked me. I heard we were opening The Smith in the East Village and I expressed interest in moving there.  After opening The Smith EV as a bartender with some managerial responsibilities, I moved into full time management and hit the ground running. I knew I wanted to be in the restaurants for the rest of my life and wanted to continue to work with the team that opened The Smith. When we opened our second The Smith location in Midtown, I was given the opportunity to move up to General Manager at the East Village and I’ve never looked back. I learn something new everyday and look forward to what is to come.

Where are you originally from? I am from a small town in upstate New York called Vestal, which is just outside Binghamton.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? I love making people happy and always being busy. I’m not the type of person who likes to sit still and this job keeps me on my feet and going everyday. Being in the hospitality world you have to get enjoyment out of making people smile and creating an experience they will remember and tell their friends about.

What’s your favorite menu item? Our burger is my favorite.  We use an amazing Pat LeFrieda meat blend, perfect fries and the special sauce doesn’t hurt. We do it right.

What is your favorite drink on The Smith’s menu? Right now it is the “Sweet Wilbur.”  I am a huge fan of bourbon and this particular drink has Ms. Piggy Bitters in it, which adds a nice smoky component.  I also have a soft spot for pigs.

What do you like to do outside of work? During my free time, I love to go to new restaurants and bars. New York City has so many new spots opening up all the time; it’s always fun to go experience new ideas, new cocktails, new cuisines, etc. Golf and Bloody Mary’s are always good too.

Why hospitality? I really like taking care of people. I get enjoyment out of making people smile and ensuring that they have a good time. It is a great feeling when you create an unforgettable experience for someone and they share it with their friends and family.

What’s your favorite website to follow? Eater, I feel that they are on top of the restaurant and bar scene.

Any other fun tips, thoughts, crazy things you want to share?  Every now and then you have to remind yourself that we are in the business of pleasing people through food and drink, we are not curing cancer, it will all work out.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite restaurants?
Mesa Coyoacan in Brooklyn – amazing margaritas
Sapporo Sushi in Brooklyn- quality sushi and they always give me free sake.
Il Passatore in Williamsburg- they have simple, straightforward pasta and amazing ciabatta bread.
Corner Bistro-amazing burger served on a paper plate.

Chef & Owner Glenn Harris’s Perfect Game Day Recipe: Nacho Daddy’s Lasagna

In need of the perfect dish to serve on Game Day? Check out our chef & owner, Glenn Harris’ recipe featured on Thrillist! Included is a step by step tutorial that will help you make the perfect dish for your guests.

Click here to see Chef Glenn Harris’ Nacho Daddy’s Lasagna Featured on Thrillist!






Did you know: We Make our own Habanero Hot Sauce

It’s all natural made with just 5 ingredients and done in small batches.